ØRIGIN : The Pre-workout Instant Coffee

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  • India’s first & only Pre-workout Premium Coffee.
  • Perfect blend of Arabica coffee & Robusta coffee with L-Carnitine & L-Arginine.
  • 4 hours of Energy.
  • Increased Starting Energy, Laser Focus. Burn fat & build muscles.
  • No caffeine crash, No acidic reflex, totally Smooth & endless coffee.
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ØRIGIN is India’s first premium Pre-workout Instant coffee. Extracted from selected robusta and arabica beans, ørigin coffee is fused with L-Arginine & L-Carnitine. Each bean is carefully roasted to perfection resulting in great aroma and captivating coffee taste making it a perfect Dark & Endless coffee.

Nutritional Info

Use the scoop inside the jar. Add one scoop in 100ml of hot water & stir it well. Drink it 20 minutes before workout. You may also use it as a cold coffee beverage.